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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Prayer for Palm Sunday

O Holy One, you did come to walk among us for a time. On the day that you rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, our ancestors in faith greeted you with palms and loud hosannas. All these years later we wonder, what did you know that day? Were the loud hosannas sweet to your ears? Were you glad to see us; we who were so hungry to see you?

Like those ancestors in faith, we are cheering you as you come into our lives!

But – we confess – that like those ancestors in faith, we are cheering for some version of you that meets our expectations. We want you to be comforter! We want you to be leader! We want you to bring holy justice now! We ask you to save us!

Our confession reveals our guilt. For we have claimed you only in our own terms. We have defined what kind of savior, teacher, and friend you will be to us. This constraint upon your possibility is our sin today.

Forgive us our pride and presumption. Break the chains of our limited expectations like the bondage of the Israelites was broken in Egypt. Break us open, so that we may let you in.

We only know you as best we can. In this humble way, we ask these things.