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Monday, March 15, 2010

March 14 2010 Collect

Dear God, the wheels of time and fate turn and we sense movement, energy, and a season of change.  I sense that change will require from me that I change, that I claim a new me.  I am both frightened and excited by this challenge.  Keep my path true, keep my instruments of navigation tuned, and keep me filled with your lovingkindness.  Amen.

March 21 Collect

Dear God, we call from our short lives to you who are the beginning and the end.  O hear me now in my fear of what will come at the end, at the end of my life.  For I know that my life will end and so too the lives of all whom I have loved.  I don't ask that you do anything about this fate.  I know how the story ends.  I only ask to live this wonderful life more vividly, more deeply, more compassionately, more for others than for myself, that my life may therefore have meaning, and be a gift to all whose lives I touch.  …and be delightful and surprising to you, my heart, my home, my God.  Amen.