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Monday, April 14, 2014

Wells from Wounds

Emotional and spiritual traumas gouge aching, empty holes; holes that some of us feel as physical emptiness in our precious bodies.  Betrayal, heartbreak, cruelty, and isolation leave us empty and aching and with our feet pacing down the path of despair.  

Should we make it through those dismal regions and find the way to life, we will have got past a part of mourning.  And yet we will find that we are no longer in the same part of the forest, as it were.  (There was never a return path, only a way forward.)  

As we live into our new bodies, we may wonder about those deeply gouged hollows that the difficult days and nights created. 

If we let it happen, those excavations can fill with a broth of spirit and life, as old quarries sometimes fill with deep, clear water.  In the midst of breathtaking hurt, our inner space has expanded.  

Those holes become wells that fill with compassion.