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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Ten Commandments - Flipped

What if we recorded the ten commandments wrongly? They mostly tell
us what not to do. What if God's true intention was to tell us what
we are released to do now? Open to Exodus 20 to refer to the
received version and then open your heart and mind to the following set!

1. I know you and you know me. You are free to find me for
yourself. You are freed from all those other gods or to anything
that enslaves you.

2. You will always have me with you wherever you go. You are free
to see that all creation is holy. You are freed to love your
statues, books, stones, and places yet free to find me everywhere.

3. On the day that you find out how to speak with me and about me
with respect and love, you will be freed into the full, reviving
strength of our relationship.

4. Surprise everyone by setting aside time to nourish yourself,
your family, your community – so that you take delight in this world
and the work we have done together.

5. Honor your father and your mother.

6. You will love all creation and find in each life what I have
put there. You are free to seek the value in each life.

7. You are free to discover the deep power in relationship with
others. You will be faithful in all your commitments and they will
not burden you.

8. You will value fair exchange and equitable use of this world
and you will always have what you need.

9. You are freed to speak the truth in love at all times, to
friend and to stranger.

10. You will take pride and satisfaction in the life you are living
– living in the eternal moment – my precious "now!"